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EZ Switch Instructions

EZ Switch Instructions

Changing banks couldn’t be easier with The Bank of New Glarus® and Sugar River Bank Branches.

We’re so pleased that you’ve decided to enjoy the great service and friendly staff at The Bank of New Glarus® and Sugar River Bank Branches.  We are a community bank, and we value our customers as our greatest asset.

Changing banks is a big decision and can be a headache, which is why we’ve designed the EZ Switch Kit to make your transition as smooth as possible.  We’ve created multiple forms to make switching easier, all of which can be found at the bottom of this page under "Resources", and our Personal Bankers are here to guide you every step of the way as you make the switch.

Follow these simple steps for a smooth transition and you’ll be enjoying your new Bank of New Glarus® and Sugar River Bank Branches account(s) in no time!

Open Your New Account from The Bank of New Glarus® and Sugar River Bank Branches

Organize your personal information, open your new account, and complete your switch to The Bank of New Glarus® and Sugar River Bank Branches.  We’ll help you every step of the way.  Our Personal Bankers can advise you on the best account(s) to fit your needs and lifestyle.  Want to do some research before meeting with us?  Check out our Personal Checking and Saving Account options.

Organize information you will need

Before meeting with one of our experienced Personal Bankers, you will want to gather the personal information you’ll need to open your new Bank of New Glarus® and Sugar River Bank Branches account.

We will ask for your:

  • Name
  • Address
  • DOB
  • Official Photo ID (Drivers license, passport, state issued ID)
  • Social Security Number
  • Joint Account Owner's Information (if applicable)

Open your new account(s)

Once you’ve gathered your information, call the Personal Banker at the location nearest you to set-up an appointment.  To find the office nearest you, check out our Locations.

Enroll in Online Banking and download the BNG Mobile Banking app

As soon as your new account is opened, you can enroll in Online Banking, which gives you access to your account information around the clock.

Online Banking also gives you access to:

  • Account transfer
  • Online Bill Pay
  • E-Statements
  • BNG Cash Track: our Personal Financial Management Tool

The BNG Mobile Banking app gives you access to:

  • The same great features as our Online Banking Portal on the go
  • Mobile Deposit
  • Snap Pay: our Person-to-Person payment tool

Begin using your new The Bank of New Glarus® and Sugar River Bank Branches account immediately

Once your new account is funded, you can begin to use it immediately.

Your check order and debit card will be sent to you in about a week.

Transfer Direct Deposits and Automatic Payments

One of the most important parts to making a smooth bank transition is remembering to switch all of your Direct Deposits and Automatic Payments. It’s a good idea to have a few recent bank statements available to see what payment information will need to be updated. 

  • Use our Change Direct Deposit and Change Automatic Withdrawal forms to make the switch.
  • Cancel any automatic payments from your old account.  Use our EZ Switch Checklist to remember which accounts may need to be switched.  Contact those businesses authorized to make automatic withdrawals from your old account and give them your new information.

Close Your Old Account

Once you’ve opened your new account and set-up your Direct Deposits and Automatic Payments/Withdrawals with your Bank of New Glarus® and Sugar River Bank Branches account information, you’re ready to close your old account.

  • Balance your checkbook to make sure that ALL of your checks have cleared and ALL pending withdrawals have posted to your old account.  It’s a good idea to keep some money in your old account while making the switch, just in case.
  • Put in writing that you want to close your old account.  Close your account with a letter instead of a phone call, and be sure to include your address and phone number – especially if you’re changing neighborhoods as well as banks.  Include our Closing Account form with your letter.
  • Keep a copy of your letter along with any correspondence from your old bank – in your own financial records.  You don’t want your heirs searching for long lost (and long-gone) cash later.


EZ Switch Kit

EZ Switch Checklist

Change Direct Deposit form

Change Automatic Withdrawal form

Closing Account form